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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

As I am currently on hiatus, virtual sessions are the best way to acquaint yourself with me. If you have any hesitation about meeting in person, need to self-isolate, or would like to correspond while travelling, you’re in the right place.

It’s so important to find time for intimacy and connection with one another. I have always deeply loved the physical and emotional bonds I create with my lovers; these strange times are calling for new ways of being close and sensual with one an other, which I am hungry to explore. If you are missing me, or would like to take this moment to start getting to know me for the first time, I strongly recommend exploring one of my virtual options. A virtual session with me can feel like a luxury, to be sure, but it is also in a very real way a necessity. Affection, sexuality and intimacy are profound human needs. Don’t deny yourself any of them because we are in crisis: this is when we need them the most.

Virtual sessions are available to new lovers and old flames alike, although video calls are only available to those who already know me well. Prices are calculated per session (or per week for an ongoing arrangement). All virtual sessions are to be paid for in full at least 48 hours in advance. Email me at to create your bespoke package.

Options include:

Texting sessions – naughty or nice

Phone calls – intimate catch ups as well as raunchy chat

Exclusive NSFW pictures – steaming-hot content not shared on my website or twitter feed

Email packages – keep in touch with regular conversational emails

Custom erotica – Experience my silver tongue in more ways than one. Commission a bespoke erotic story to get an authentic taste of a date with me.


“I barely know what to say Chloe. As soon as I saw your surprise email my heart started beating faster…Thank you for such a sexually fulfilling night, even from a distance. I really did feel like I was actually there with you…I hope it was as thrilling to write as it was for me to read!”